Ni-Catalyzed C–C Couplings Using Alkyl Electrophiles

  • Takanori Iwasaki
  • Nobuaki KambeEmail author
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Much effort has been devoted to developing new methods using Ni catalysts for the cross-coupling reaction of alkyl electrophiles with organometallic reagents, and significant achievements in this area have emerged during the past two decades. Nickel catalysts have enabled the coupling reaction of not only primary alkyl electrophiles, but also sterically hindered secondary and tertiary alkyl electrophiles possessing b-hydrogens with various organometallic reagents to construct carbon skeletons. In addition, Ni catalysts opened a new era of asymmetric crosscoupling reaction using alkyl halides. Recent progress in nickel-catalyzed crosscoupling reaction of alkyl electrophiles with sp3-, sp2-, and sp-hybridized organometallic reagents including asymmetric variants as well as mechanistic insights of nickel catalysis are reviewed in this chapter.


Cross-coupling Homogeneous catalysis Nickel Alkyl halides Organometallic reagents 


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