ALOJA: A Benchmarking and Predictive Platform for Big Data Performance Analysis

  • Nicolas PoggiEmail author
  • Josep Ll. Berral
  • David Carrera
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The main goals of the ALOJA research project from BSC-MSR, are to explore and automate the characterization of cost-effectiveness of Big Data deployments. The development of the project over its first year, has resulted in a open source benchmarking platform, an online public repository of results with over 42,000 Hadoop job runs, and web-based analytic tools to gather insights about system’s cost-performance (ALOJA’s Web application, tools, and sources available at This article describes the evolution of the project’s focus and research lines from over a year of continuously benchmarking Hadoop under different configuration and deployments options, presents results, and discusses the motivation both technical and market-based of such changes. During this time, ALOJA’s target has evolved from a previous low-level profiling of Hadoop runtime, passing through extensive benchmarking and evaluation of a large body of results via aggregation, to currently leveraging Predictive Analytics (PA) techniques. Modeling benchmark executions allow us to estimate the results of new or untested configurations or hardware set-ups automatically, by learning techniques from past observations saving in benchmarking time and costs.


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This work is partially supported the BSC-Microsoft Research Centre, the Spanish Ministry of Education (TIN2012-34557), the MINECO Severo Ochoa Research program (SEV-2011-0067) and the Generalitat de Catalunya (2014-SGR-1051).


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  • Nicolas Poggi
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  • Josep Ll. Berral
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  • David Carrera
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