Big Data, Simulations and HPC Convergence

  • Geoffrey FoxEmail author
  • Judy Qiu
  • Shantenu Jha
  • Saliya Ekanayake
  • Supun Kamburugamuve
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Two major trends in computing systems are the growth in high performance computing (HPC) with in particular an international exascale initiative, and big data with an accompanying cloud infrastructure of dramatic and increasing size and sophistication. In this paper, we study an approach to convergence for software and applications/algorithms and show what hardware architectures it suggests. We start by dividing applications into data plus model components and classifying each component (whether from Big Data or Big Compute) in the same way. This leads to 64 properties divided into 4 views, which are Problem Architecture (Macro pattern); Execution Features (Micro patterns); Data Source and Style; and finally the Processing (runtime) View. We discuss convergence software built around HPC-ABDS (High Performance Computing enhanced Apache Big Data Stack) and show how one can merge Big Data and HPC (Big Simulation) concepts into a single stack and discuss appropriate hardware.


Big Data HPC Simulations 



This work was partially supported by NSF CIF21 DIBBS 1443054, NSF OCI 1149432 CAREER. and AFOSR FA9550-13-1-0225 awards. We thank Dennis Gannon for comments on an early draft.


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