Programming Platforms for Big Data Analysis

  • Jiannong CaoEmail author
  • Shailey Chawla
  • Yuqi Wang
  • Hanqing Wu


Big data analysis imposes new challenges and requirements on programming support. Programming platforms need to provide new abstractions and run time techniques with key features like scalability, fault tolerance, efficient task distribution, usability and processing speed. In this chapter, we first provide a comprehensive survey of the requirements, give an overview and classify existing big data programming platforms based on different dimensions. Then, we present details of the architecture, methodology and features of major programming platforms like MapReduce, Storm, Spark, Pregel, GraphLab, etc. Last, we compare existing big data platforms, discuss the need for a unifying framework, present our proposed framework MatrixMap, and give a vision about future work.


Big data analysis Programming platforms Unifying framework Data parallel Graph parallel Task parallel Stream processing 



This work was partially supported by the funding for Project of Strategic Importance provided by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (1-ZE26) and HK RGC under GRF Grant (PolyU 5104/13E).


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