Theoretical Insights in ECL

  • Alexander Oleinick
  • Oleksiy V. Klymenko
  • Irina SvirEmail author
  • Christian AmatoreEmail author


ECL reaction mechanisms involved in all experimental approaches are characterized by a sequence of very fast second-order reactions taking place in the diffusion layer between transient species that, according to the exact process of ECL generation, may be generated at a single electrode, a pair of electrodes (anode-cathode), or through electron transfers between activated reactants and co-reactants. These extremely fast second-order reactions generate the extremely short-lived electronically excited state species, S*, which are deactivated through a rapid first-order emissive decay giving rise to the emission of light. These crucial species are therefore always generated and consumed within a narrow layer of solution of very small size compared to diffusion layers. Moreover, they are present within this layer at vanishingly small concentrations. This creates kinetic situations termed “reaction fronts” exact numerical treatment of which is almost impossible by classical numerical approaches. This chapter presents a series of numerical approaches based on the concepts developed by the authors to circumvent these severe complications and allow a precise and fast simulation of ECL reaction mechanisms. These are illustrated taking advantage of experimental examples featuring each main method of ECL generation.


Electrode Surface Natural Convection Diffusion Layer Reaction Front Stagnant Layer 
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This work was supported by CNRS UMR8640 PASTEUR (CNRS, ENS and UPMC) and the French Ministry of Research and Higher Education as well as by ANR Chaires d’excellence (CHEX) 2010, ANR-10-CHEX-0012, MicroNanoChem.


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