Application of GQM+Strategies in a Multi-industry State-Owned Company

An Experience Report
  • Gustavo LópezEmail author
  • Brenda Aymerich
  • Diana Garbanzo
  • Alexia Pacheco
Conference paper
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Technological applications have an increasingly important role in most companies. Investment in Information Technologies (IT) is also growing in most of them. The need to align IT-related goals with the company’s strategic goals becomes imperative. GQM+Strategies is an approach to align organizational goals, strategies, and measurements at different levels of an organization. This paper describes experiences learned from a GQM+Strategies implementation at a large multi-industry state-owned company. The implementation was conducted by an academic research team joined by representatives of the company. Results showed an improved alignment and integration of different goals. Moreover, a holistic goal visualization was achieved, even though the company works in two different industries. As a state-owned company, external pressures force continuous planning. Sometimes, inadvertently designing those plans is the only goal achieved (i.e., plans are never executed). Using GQM+Strategies, the research team leveraged the separation of goals and strategies, allowing identification of redundancies and replicated efforts across the company. The implementation of the GQM+Strategies approach in such a complex context was very valuable. However, it also required a large amount of effort from the researchers and company representatives.


GQM+Strategies Goal-oriented measurement Strategic alignment Software process improvement IT strategy Experience report 



This work was partially supported by CITIC at University of Costa Rica. Grant No. 834-B4-412. We would also like to thank all the consultants that participated in this research, including but not limited to: Dr. Marcelo Jenkins (current minister of Science and Technology of Costa Rica), Dra. Alexandra Martínez, Dr. Carlos Castro, Mag. Mauricio Arroyo, Mag. Marcela Chacón, and Mag. Francisco Cocozza.


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  • Brenda Aymerich
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  • Diana Garbanzo
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  • Alexia Pacheco
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  1. 1.Research Center for Communication and Information Technologies (CITIC)University of Costa RicaSan JoséCosta Rica

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