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This article describes a novel Internet-based cultural heritage (CH) application, a multimedia interactive map with various user-friendly functions that allow users to find results according to their needs. Usually, the user selects a Point of Interest (PoI) to navigate a map, selecting it from a list or through a search function, as illustrated in the four cases studied here. The developed application allows the user to select a PoI and also view the previews of its multimedia contents (using the ‘Folder’, ‘Tile’ and ‘Table’ functions). Moreover, filtering functions—such as century (using the time slider), period, physical accessibility level and multimedia type (using the filter panel)—improve the system usability. Finally, PoIs are visualised on the map with multi-shape markers using a set of colours unambiguous to both colour-blind and non-colour-blind people. The interface is illustrated using data acquired from the Municipality of Cetinje (Montenegro). The software components are also illustrated, which contain useful information to other developers.


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