Using Beacons for Creating Comprehensive Virtual Profiles

  • Angela Barriga RodriguezEmail author
  • Alejandro Rodriguez Tena
  • Jose Garcia-Alonso
  • Javier Berrocal
  • Ricardo Flores Rosco
  • Juan M. Murillo
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The number of Internet of Things systems in which the general population is involved keeps increasing. At the same time, the configuration and adaptation of these systems to their users’ preferences are still mostly manual. To achieve a better personalization of these systems comprehensive virtual profiles of their users, including as much information as possible, is needed. One of the most relevant information of a user virtual profile is his location. With the rise of the bluetooth low energy protocol and the appearance of the beacon technology, indoor positioning of smartphone owners can be added to these virtual profiles. However, the lack of a beacon standard and the low level information provided by these devices is hindering its adoption. To solve this, this paper presents a Beacon Management System that abstracts applications developers from the low level details of the different beacons protocols and allows the management of unregistered beacons. The proposed system has been integrated into the People as a Service computation model and in the commercial platform nimBees to improve the creation of virtual profiles in IoT applications.


Internet of Things People as a Service Beacons Bluetooth low energy 



This work was partially supported by the projects TIN2014-53986-REDT, TIN2015-67083-R and TIN2015-69957-R (MINECO/FEDER), by the Department of Economy and Infrastructure of the Government of Extremadura (GR15098), and by the European Regional Development Fund.


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  • Jose Garcia-Alonso
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  • Javier Berrocal
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  • Ricardo Flores Rosco
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  • Juan M. Murillo
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