Computed Tomography in Pancreatic and Duodenal Injuries

  • Ari LeppäniemiEmail author
  • Eila Lantto
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Excluding unstable patients requiring urgent surgical exploration, the majority of patients will undergo diagnostic workup. Computed tomography (CT) is the main diagnostic tool, especially after blunt abdominal trauma but increasingly also after penetrating abdominal injury. Besides diagnosing pancreatic, duodenal, and associated organ injuries, it can also be used to grade the injuries for severity. This is very important in pancreatic injuries where the presence or absence of main pancreatic duct disruption often determines if the patient needs surgical management. The grading is not so important in duodenal injuries where the presence and location of full-thickness duodenal wall perforation provide more useful information in choosing the best management strategy. In addition to diagnostic workup and injury grading, CT plays also an important role in detecting delayed injuries as well as complications after surgical management.


CT Pancreas Duodenum Pancreaticoduodenal injuries 


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