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The Management of the Open Abdomen: The Temporary Closure Systems

  • Giulia MontoriEmail author
  • Federico Coccolini
  • Matteo Tomasoni
  • Paola Fugazzola
  • Marco Ceresoli
  • Fausto Catena
  • Luca Ansaloni
Part of the Hot Topics in Acute Care Surgery and Trauma book series (HTACST)


  • NPWT with continuous fascial traction is suggested as the preferred technique for TAC.

  • TAC without NPWT (e.g., mesh alone, Bogota bag) whenever possible should not be applied for the purpose of TAC, because of low delayed fascial closure rate and being accompanied by a significant intestinal fistula rate.

  • Wittman patch could be safety and less expensive alternative.


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  • Paola Fugazzola
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  • Marco Ceresoli
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