The paper deals with a machine vision for a recognition and identification of manufactured parts. The inspection line has been constructed. Stepper motors, direct current motors and electromagnetic coils have been used as actuators. Printed circuit boards have been designed and made for a power supplying and signal level conversion. A feedback is acquired by two–position switches. For the practical realization, various construction components have been used, for example buffers for objects prepared for the inspection and inspected objects, manipulation arms and manipulation platform. The main control unit is a compact programmable logical controller, which controls hardware parts during the inspection cycle. The image capturing has been done with a common web camera. Algorithms for the image processing has been programmed in MATLAB Simulink. Data between the control system and the image processing system are exchanged via a mutual communication protocol.


Image processing Machine vision MATLAB Programmable logical devices Electric motor 



The paper was supported by the projects: Center for Intelligent Drives and Advanced Machine Control (CIDAM) project, reg. no. TE02000103 funded by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, project reg. no. SP2016/83 funded by the Student Grant Competition of VSB-Technical University of Ostrava.


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