Congenital Cataract Surgery

  • Alf Nyström
  • Lothar Schneider
  • Ulrich SpandauEmail author


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Congenital Cataract Posterior Capsular Opacification Corneal Diameter Anterior Vitrectomy Unilateral Cataract 
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Supplementary material

Video 9.1

3D animation bag in the lens (MP4 4066 kb)

Video 9.2

Child eye (MP4 12132 kb)

Video 9.3

Congenital cataract: 4 weeks old newborn (WMV 122324 kb)

Video 9.4

Congenital cataract: 2 1/2 years child (WMV 169643 kb)

Video 9.5

Implantation of a Tassignon IOL (WMV 18670 kb)


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  • Ulrich Spandau
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