Creating a Global Response

  • Michael Merson
  • Stephen Inrig


This chapter covers the challenges faced by Fakhry Assaad and Jonathan Mann as they took the reins of the Control Programme on AIDS. It describes how they fought to increase awareness of the global threat of AIDS, engaged governments to respond to the pandemic, and raised extrabudgetary resources for the program. It also details the levels of denial across many countries, and the bold stand taken by the government of Uganda during the World Health Assembly in May 1986 to acknowledge the presence of the disease in the country and call for assistance from the World Health Organization (WHO). By that fall Mann had assumed Directorship of the program, viewing WHO as the leader and coordinator of the global response as proclaimed at the United Nations General Assembly that November. The chapter discusses Mann’s new role and the impact that Assaad had on the foundation of WHO’s global AIDS efforts.


Control Programme on AIDS Complacency Denial Donor support Jonathan Mann Fakhry Assaad Uganda United Nations General Assembly 

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