Challenges and Criticisms

  • Michael Merson
  • Stephen Inrig


This chapter explores the increasing number of obstacles, challenges, and criticisms encountered by the Global Programme on AIDS (GPA) as the pandemic worsened with increasing rates of new HIV infections and AIDS cases. Among these challenges was an ever growing sense of political and social complacency due in part to the development of new AIDS drugs and low infection rates among heterosexual populations in high-income nations. GPA sought to combat this complacency, increase political will, and promote AIDS awareness by enlisting the support of celebrities and increasing publicity around World AIDS Day. Meanwhile, the world press directed much of its attention to the dysfunctional relationships between the World Health Organization and other United Nations agencies, instead of on the pandemic itself. Growing attacks on the program by its previous Director Jonathan Mann and his newly formed “Global AIDS Policy Coalition added to public criticism.” It was in this climate that donors became less and less certain that GPA could continue to lead the global response.


Criticisms Complacency Celebrities World AIDS Day Press World Health Organization Global AIDS Policy Coalition 

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