API-Constrained Genetic Improvement

  • William B. LangdonEmail author
  • David R. White
  • Mark Harman
  • Yue Jia
  • Justyna Petke
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9962)


ACGI respects the Application Programming Interface whilst using genetic programming to optimise the implementation of the API. It reduces the scope for improvement but it may smooth the path to GI acceptance because the programmer’s code remains unaffected; only library code is modified. We applied ACGI to C++ software for the state-of-the-art OpenCV SEEDS superPixels image segmentation algorithm, obtaining a speed-up of up to 13.2 % (\(\pm 1.3\,\%\)) to the $50 K Challenge winner announced at CVPR 2015.



We would like to thank Bobby R. Bruce. This work is part supported by the GGGP and DAASE [4] projects.


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  • David R. White
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  • Mark Harman
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  • Yue Jia
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  • Justyna Petke
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