Weighted Evaluation Framework for Cross-Platform App Development Approaches

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Part of the Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing book series (LNBIP, volume 264)


Cross-platform app development is very challenging, although only two platforms with significant market share (iOS and Android) remain. While device fragmentation – multiple, only partly compatible versions of a platform – has been complicating matters already, the need to target different device classes is a new emergence. Smartphones and tablets are relatively similar but app-enabled devices such as TVs and even cars typically have differing capabilities. To facilitate usage of cross-platform app development approaches, we present work on an evaluation framework. Our framework provides a set of up-to-date evaluation criteria. Unlike prior work on this topic, it offers weighted assessment to cater for varieties in targeted device classes. Besides motivating and explaining the evaluation criteria, we present an exemplary application for one development approach and, as benchmarks, for native apps and Webapps. Our findings suggest that the proliferation of app-enabled devices amplifies the need for improved development support.


App Mobile computing Mobile application Cross-platform Multi-platform Evaluation 


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