Shape from Selfies: Human Body Shape Estimation Using CCA Regression Forests

  • Endri DibraEmail author
  • Cengiz Öztireli
  • Remo Ziegler
  • Markus Gross
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9908)


In this work, we revise the problem of human body shape estimation from monocular imagery. Starting from a statistical human shape model that describes a body shape with shape parameters, we describe a novel approach to automatically estimate these parameters from a single input shape silhouette using semi-supervised learning. By utilizing silhouette features that encode local and global properties robust to noise, pose and view changes, and projecting them to lower dimensional spaces obtained through multi-view learning with canonical correlation analysis, we show how regression forests can be used to compute an accurate mapping from the silhouette to the shape parameter space. This results in a very fast, robust and automatic system under mild self-occlusion assumptions. We extensively evaluate our method on thousands of synthetic and real data and compare it to the state-of-art approaches that operate under more restrictive assumptions.


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This work was funded by the KTI-grant 15599.1.

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  • Cengiz Öztireli
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  • Remo Ziegler
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  • Markus Gross
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