Service-Oriented Autonomic Pervasive Context

  • Colin AygalincEmail author
  • Eva Gerbert-Gaillard
  • German Vega
  • Philippe Lalanda
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Pervasive computing promotes environments where smart, communication-enabled devices cooperate to provide services to people. Due to their inherent complexity, many pervasive applications are built on top of service-oriented platforms, providing a set of facilities simplifying their development and execution. In this paper, we present such a platform, iCasa, extended with an autonomic, service-oriented context module. This module is programmed with a domain-specific service-oriented language built on top of iPOJO, the Apache service-oriented component model. It is validated on smart home applications developed with the Orange Labs.


Pervasive computing Context Service-oriented components 


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  • Eva Gerbert-Gaillard
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  • German Vega
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  • Philippe Lalanda
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