Intelligent Urban Data Monitoring for Smart Cities

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Urban data management is already an essential element of modern cities. The authorities can build on the variety of automatically generated information and develop intelligent services that improve citizens daily life, save environmental resources or aid in coping with emergencies. From a data mining perspective, urban data introduce a lot of challenges. Data volume, velocity and veracity are some obvious obstacles. However, there are even more issues of equal importance like data quality, resilience, privacy and security. In this paper we describe the development of a set of techniques and frameworks that aim at effective and efficient urban data management in real settings. To do this, we collaborated with the city of Dublin and worked on real problems and data. Our solutions were integrated in a system that was evaluated and is currently utilized by the city.


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This research has been financed by the European Union through the FP7 ERC IDEAS 308019 NGHCS project, the Horizon2020 688380 VaVeL project and a Yahoo Faculty award.


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  1. 1.National and Kapodistrian University of AthensAthensGreece
  2. 2.Athens University of Economics and BusinessAthensGreece
  3. 3.Dublin City CouncilDublinIreland

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