Formal Verification of a Rover Anti-collision System

  • Ning GeEmail author
  • Eric Jenn
  • Nicolas Breton
  • Yoann Fonteneau
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9933)


In this paper, we integrate inductive proof, bounded model checking, test case generation and equivalence proof techniques to verify an embedded system. This approach is implemented using the Systerel Smart Solver (S3) toolset. It is applied to verify properties at system, software, and code levels. The verification process is illustrated on an anti-collision system (ARP for Automatic Rover Protection) implemented on-board a rover. Focus is placed on the verification of safety and functional properties and the proof of equivalence between the design model and the generated code.


SAT Safety critical system S3 Bounded model checking Inductive proof Equivalence proof Test case generation 


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  • Ning Ge
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    Email author
  • Eric Jenn
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  • Nicolas Breton
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  • Yoann Fonteneau
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  2. 2.SysterelToulouseFrance

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