The Beauty or The Beast? Attacking Rate Limits of the Xen Hypervisor

  • Johanna UllrichEmail author
  • Edgar Weippl
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9879)


Rate limits, i.e., throttling network bandwidth, are considered to be means of protection; and guarantee fair bandwidth distribution among virtual machines that reside on the same Xen hypervisor. In the absence of rate limits, a single virtual machine would be able to (unintentionally or maliciously) exhaust all resources, and cause a denial-of-service for its neighbors.

In this paper, we show that rate limits snap back and become attack vectors themselves. Our analysis highlights that Xen’s rate limiting throttles only outbound traffic, and is further prone to burst transmissions making virtual machines that are rate limited vulnerable to externally-launched attacks. In particular, we propose two attacks: Our side channel allows to infer all configuration parameters that are related to rate limiting functionality; while our denial-of-service attack causes up to 88.3 % packet drops, or up to 13.8 s of packet delay.


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The authors thank Peter Wurzinger, and Adrian Dabrowski for many fruitful discussions; Rob Sherwood for sharing the original implementation of optimistic acknowledging and David Lobmaier for reimplementing it with respect to current TCP implementations. Further, the authors are grateful to our reviewers for their comments, especially on the aspect of mitigation.

This research was funded by P 842485 and COMET K1, both FFG - Austrian Research Promotion Agency.


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