Special Session: Unveiling the Magic of Storytelling in Marketing

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Social and economic disparities prompt the need for services provided by many non-profits as well as most corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Many firms donate resources to non-profit organizations as part of broader goals related to CSR. Non-profit organizations designed to serve individuals, and their communities must therefore use marketing efficiently to foster awareness of what they offer both to the firms looking to engage in CSR and to individuals in need of the non-profit’s services. This marketing message is often designed to communicate how the non-profit makes lives better. It is here where social marketing and public policy intersect, connecting the goals of a non-profit with those who seek to give (i.e., contributors) and its services to those who seek to receive (i.e., clients). Yet few studies exist which examine the services marketed by non-profits to potential contributors from the client’s perspective, that is, those who use these services. Thus, the purpose of this study is to understand how clients view the services they receive from a non-profit and to explore the implications of these views for developing effective social marketing and public policy.


Corporate Social Responsibility Ethical Climate Brand Equity Conversational Partner Psychological Ownership 
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