Burch Colposuspension

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The surgical management of stress urinary incontinence (SUI) in women has evolved over the last several decades, with bladder neck suspension procedures representing the oldest approach. The Burch colposuspension in particular was originally introduced in 1961 and has since undergone modification in technique, most recently with the introduction of robotic approaches. With the recent rise in litigation and concerns over vaginal mesh, there has been renewed interest in bladder suspension procedures. Outcomes remain promising for this technique, based on its long-term efficacy and durability. In this chapter, we present an index patient with SUI who experienced favorable outcomes following Burch colposuspension. We discuss surgical indications, patient counseling, intraoperative techniques, post-operative considerations, and contemporary outcomes using this approach. In the accompanying video supplements, we provide an open Burch colposuspension as well as an illustrative example demonstrating a robotic Burch colposuspension.


Stress urinary incontinence Bladder suspension Burch colposuspension Retropubic suspension Surgical technique Outcomes 

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