Female Urethral Diverticulum

  • Alyssa K. Greiman
  • Eric S. RovnerEmail author


Female urethral diverticula are outpouchings of the urethral lumen into the surrounding connective tissue. The presentation of female urethral diverticula is diverse and can range from incidental findings to frequent urinary tract infections, dyspareunia, incontinence, or malignancy. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, the usual treatment consists of surgical excision and reconstruction. The principles of transvaginal urethral diverticulectomy include removal of the entire urethral diverticulum wall, watertight closure of the urethra, multilayered and non-overlapping closure of surrounding tissue with absorbable suture, and preservation or creation of continence. Complications of urethral diverticulectomy include urethrovaginal fistula, urinary incontinence, and rarely urethral stricture.


Female urethral diverticulum Urethral diverticulectomy Urethral reconstruction 

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