Spinal Cord Infarction After Endoscopic Esophageal Varix Ligation

  • Ibrahim M. Eltorai


According to Stedman’s medical dictionary “an infarct is an onset of necrosis, resulting from a sudden insufficiency of arterial or venous blood supply.”


Esophageal Varix Arteriovenous Malformation Oxygen Therapy Hemodynamic Change Hyperbaric Oxygen 
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  1. Tofuku K, Koga H, Yamamoto T, Yone K, Komiya S. Spinal cord infarction following endoscopic variceal ligation. Spinal Cord. 2008;46(3):241–2.CrossRefPubMedGoogle Scholar

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  • Ibrahim M. Eltorai
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  1. 1.The Spinal Cord Injury and Disorders Healthcare GroupThe Veterans Affairs Long Beach Healthcare SystemLong BeachUSA

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