Integration of Wireless Sensor Networks into Industrial Control Systems

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In this paper, a prototype is developed, which can easily integrate a wireless sensor with programmable logic controllers (PLC) using Profinet. The low-cost embedded system Raspberry Pi was used to connect a wireless gateway with ‘ProfiNet’. A Wizziboard wireless sensor node, running the Dash7 communication protocol, periodically sends temperature and humidity data. This data is received at the UART of Raspberry Pi. A modified Snap7 library is used for communication between Raspberry Pi and SIMATIC Manager. The data is transferred using the Ethernet bus. The prototype is tested on SIMATIC Manager with a PLCSIM simulator installed on a PC. The Siemens HMI software Wincc flexible is used to monitor the state of PLC systems. Here, Wincc flexible is connected to the PLC over the TCP/IP protocol. SIMATIC Manager and Wincc flexible have been tested on a windows PC. Data logging is also implemented in the HMI software.


Wireless sensor Profinet Raspberry Pi gateway 


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  1. 1.Institute for Microsensors, -Actuators and –Systems (IMSAS), University of BremenBremenGermany

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