Single-Tooth Replacement: The Esthetic Zone and Posterior Sectors

  • Gérard M. ScortecciEmail author
  • Charles Savoldelli
  • Franck Afota


Single-tooth replacements are among the most common implant procedures today, and extensive literature exists on the technique. Numerous factors make maxillary single-tooth replacement one of the most challenging situations in dentistry (Resnik and Misch, Misch’s avoiding complications in oral implantology. Elsevier, 2017). Cosmetic (Parel and Sullivan, Esthetics and osseointegration. Osseointegration Seminars, 1989; Palacci, Optimal implant positioning and soft-tissue management for the Brånemark system. Quintessence, 1995) and speech problems, in particular, must be evaluated carefully when considering implant treatment in the upper anterior region. Treatment options for patients requiring replacement of a single tooth include a fixed partial denture, a removable partial denture, an acid-etched resin-retained Maryland bridge, orthodontics, and an implant-supported prosthesis.


Single-tooth replacement Extraction-implantation Immediate loading Delayed loading Mechanical problems 


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Gérard M. Scortecci is the inventor of the Diskimplant and holder of several associated patents that are exploited by the Victory company. He is an unpaid consultant to this firm and a minority shareholder in the company. No money was received from any of the companies mentioned in the book or from any of the companies whose products are mentioned.

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