Security of Multimedia Contents: A Brief

  • Amira S. Ashour
  • Nilanjan DeyEmail author
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 660)


Through the past few years, an explosion in the use of digital media has been increased. A new infrastructure of digital audio, image, animation, video recorders/players, electronic commerce, and online services are speedily being deployed. These multimedia forms are applied for further transmission between users in the various applications through the Web or wireless communication that leads to security threats. Generally, the multimedia authenticity/security solution is based on using hiding techniques including digital watermarking and cryptography. This chapter introduced an extensive brief overview of the multimedia security problem in the prevailing research work in the various applications. It provided evolution of the different hiding techniques along with their properties and requirements. Finally, some challenges are addressed for future research direction.


Multimedia Multimedia security Watermarking techniques Cryptography Hiding techniques 


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