Pattern Recognition: Uncommon Clinical Scenarios

  • Sathya Jyothinagaram
  • Mira MilasEmail author


Patients presenting for evaluation of thyroid and parathyroid disease may not exhibit typical ultrasound patterns of their underlying diagnosis. These situations may pose challenges to the clinician because the ultrasound features may falsely mimic endocrine disease. This chapter demonstrates three scenarios where the ultrasound pattern is best interpreted in the overall context of the patient’s presentation.


Pattern recognition Thyroid disease Parathyroid disease 

Supplementary material

Video 17.1

Ultrasound of benign squamous cell cyst that clinically mimicked a thyroid nodule: transverse view (MP4 1691 kb)

Video 17.2

Ultrasound of benign squamous cell cyst that clinically mimicked a thyroid nodule: longitudinal view with nodule seen to be above the hypoechoic line representing the strap muscles (MP4 1768 kb)

Video 17.3

Ultrasound of benign squamous cell cyst that clinically mimicked a thyroid nodule: FNA biopsy (MP4 1496 kb)

Video 17.4

The normal thymus in small children and adolescents will appear to have hyperechoic foci that mimic microcalcifications, seen on the right side of the video clip frame (between the strap muscles and carotid artery) (MP4 2175 kb)


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