Embolization of Pediatric Intracranial and Skull Base Vascular Tumors

  • Krishna Amuluru
  • Fawaz Al-Mufti
  • I. Paul Singh
  • Charles J. Prestigiacomo
  • Chirag D. Gandhi


Neurointerventional embolization has emerged as an important tool in the pre-operative treatment of a variety of pediatric hypervascular intracranial, head, neck, and spinal tumors. The primary goals of preoperative tumor embolization are to reduce intraoperative blood loss, shorten operative time, and decrease surgical morbidity. This technique involves superselective catheterization of the feeding arteries to the tumor bed with infusion of embolic material in order to induce necrosis. Several pediatric intracranial and skull-based tumors may be amenable to preoperative embolization, however each case must be evaluated on an individual basis to achieve the greatest benefit while minimizing potentially dangerous complications. This chapter focuses on indications, techniques and complications of preoperative intracranial and skull-based tumor embolization.


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