Moyamoya Bypasses

  • Virendra R. Desai
  • Robert A. Scranton
  • Gavin W. Britz


Moyamoya disease/syndrome is a rare disease involving chronic, slowly progressive stenosis of bilateral internal carotid arteries and/or proximal anterior and middle cerebral arteries, with formation of collateral vessels that resemble a “puff of smoke” on angiography. Younger patients usually present with ischemia while older ones present with hemorrhage. There is no proven medical treatment for this pathology. Surgical treatment involves revascularization either via an indirect method such as dural inversion, a direct method such as external carotid to internal carotid artery bypass or both. In this chapter, we discuss briefly the technique for indirect and direct revascularization used at our institution.


Moyamoya Direct bypass Indirect bypass Revascularization 


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  • Robert A. Scranton
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  • Gavin W. Britz
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