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  • Ricardo Ramina
  • Marcos Soares Tatagiba


Six cases of jugular foramen paragangliomas are presented. Pre and postoperative magnetic resonance imagings are showed. Case 4 is from a 54-year-old woman with a large recurrent jugular foramen paraganglioma that had been previously operated in other clinic. The tumor could be totally resected through a craniocervical approach. Three cases of jugular foramen schwannomas are showed. Case 7 is from a 42-year-old patient with a huge jugular foramen schwannoma that was initially approached in other hospital. The surgery was aborted due to severe bradycardia after opening of the dura. The tumor could be totally removed through a craniocervical approach. Case 8 presents a JF schwannoma removed through the modified retrosigmoid approach. Three cases of jugular foramen meningiomas are presented. One patient presented a huge microcystic meningioma and other patient a meningioma predominately in the posterior fossa with small extension into the jugular foramen. Cases of chordoma and chondrosarcoma are reported.

Seven videos demonstrate the surgical steps of craniocervical approach.


Paragangliomas Schwannomas Meningiomas Chondroma Chondrosarcoma 

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