Median Genital Raphe Anomalies

  • Mohamed Fahmy


Raphe means the line of union of the two halves of various symmetrical body parts, and the term median raphe refers to the perineal raphe, which is also known as the median raphe of the perineum; and it is divided anatomically to: penile raphe, scrotal and perineal raphe. This line starts just anterior to the anus and extends through the scrotum, continuing on the ventral surface of the penis and prepuce; it is usually darker in colour than the surrounding skin, generally deep pink or brown.


Absent median raphe Prominent median raphe Wide median raphe Splitted raphe Bucket handle malformation Median raphe cyst Beaded median raphe Pearly penile papules 

Supplementary material

Video 16.1

Video link for a case of raphe deviation as an indicator for the presence of a hidden Intact Prepuce Megameatus (IPM) anomaly (MP4 31972 kb)


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