Eppendorf Micromanipulator: Setup and Operation of Electronic Micromanipulators

  • Laszlo Nanassy


ICSI has become the tool of choice for the “treatment” of male infertility. For the implementation of this technique, advanced micromanipulation equipment attached to inverted microscopes is essential. With the newest generation of electronic manipulators, the TransferMan 4 generation, Eppendorf introduces a multifunctional manipulator suitable for a variety of applications. An important advantage of this electronic system is the availability of special features including application-specific masks like “ICSI” or “cell transfer” which facilitate and simplify the individual workflow process. The unique DualSpeed joystick allows precise and intuitive movement during injection in all spatial dimensions as well as dynamic movements. Thanks to its mounting concept, the workstation is sturdy and safe against external vibrations. Furthermore, all elements of the manipulator are easy and fast to install and adjust. The capillary exchange is quick and safe due to the automated home function. The construction of the motor modules allows for a flexible set-up and can be adapted to all major microscopes used. Position changes on the motor modules are very flexible and therefore compatible with all microscopes. The angle adjustment is also flexible and ranges from shallow angles of theoretically 0°, as well as angles up to 45°.


Eppendorf micromanipulator Intracytoplasmic sperm injection Sperm swim-up technique ICSI procedure Male infertility 


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