Essentials of Airway Management

  • C. Philip LarsonJr.
  • Richard A. Jaffe


Anesthesiologists are expected to be experts in airway management. While there are many techniques and devices available for airway management, anesthesiologists can only be skilled in a select few. This chapter describes four major techniques, which can be practiced and will resolve with rare exceptions all difficult airway problems.


Airway evaluation Bag-mask ventilation Preoxygenation Fiberoptic laryngoscopy Airway exchange catheter Extubation Cervical spine injury Videolaryngoscopy 



Video credits in Video 4.19.

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Video 4.1

Airway Management (MPEG 151602 kb)

Video 4.2

Plan A—Standard Endotrachial Intubation (MPEG 95252 kb)

Video 4.3

Plan B—Cook Catheter (MPEG 92272 kb)

Video 4.4

Plan B—GlideScope® (MPEG 55316 kb)

Video 4.5

Plan B—Cook Catheter and GlideScope® together (MPEG 57874 kb)

Video 4.6

Plan C (MPEG 232110 kb)

Video 4.7

Plan C—Tudor Williams Airway (MPEG 413106 kb)

Video 4.8

Fiberoptic Scope Lesson (MPEG 150694 kb)

Video 4.9

Aintree Catheter (MPEG 123718 kb)

Video 4.10

Plan D (MPEG 20064 kb)

Video 4.11

Other Devices for Fiberoptic Intubation (MPEG 98368 kb)

Video 4.12

Intubating LMA (MPEG 70718 kb)

Video 4.13

Air-Q LMA (MPEG 187970 kb)

Video 4.14

Awake Fibertopic (MPEG 363612 kb)

Video 4.15

Cricothyrotomy (MPEG 97276 kb)

Video 4.16

Nasal Fiberoptic Intubation (MPEG 204514 kb)

Video 4.17

Tying the tube in place (MPEG 59532 kb)

Video 4.18

Double Lumen Tube (MPEG 408088 kb)

Video 4.19

Video credits (MPEG 12746 kb)


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