Statistical Process Control Charts as a Tool for Analyzing Big Data

  • Peihua QiuEmail author
Part of the Contributions to Statistics book series (CONTRIB.STAT.)


Big data often take the form of data streams with observations of certain processes collected sequentially over time. Among many different purposes, one common task to collect and analyze big data is to monitor the longitudinal performance/status of the related processes. To this end, statistical process control (SPC) charts could be a useful tool, although conventional SPC charts need to be modified properly in some cases. In this paper, we introduce some basic SPC charts and some of their modifications, and describe how these charts can be used for monitoring different types of processes. Among many potential applications, dynamic disease screening and profile/image monitoring will be discussed in some detail.


Curve data Data stream Images Longitudinal data Monitoring Profiles Sequential process Surveillance 



This research is supported in part by a US National Science Foundation grant. The author thanks the invitation of the book editor Professor Ejaz Ahmed, and the review of an anonymous referee.


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