Multi-exponential Lifetime Extraction in Time-Logarithmic Scale

  • Andrew V. Knyazev
  • Qun Gao
  • Koon Hoo Teo
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9728)


Methods are proposed for estimating real lifetimes and corresponding coefficients from real-valued measurement data in logarithmic scale, where the data are multi-exponential, i.e. represented by linear combinations of decaying exponential functions with various lifetimes. Initial approximations of lifetimes are obtained as peaks of the first derivative of the data, where the first derivative can, e.g., be calculated in the spectral domain using the cosine Fourier transform. The coefficients corresponding to lifetimes are then estimated using the linear least squares fitting. Finally, all the coefficients and the lifetimes are optimized using the values previously obtained as initial approximations in the non-linear least squares fitting. We can fit both the data curve and its first derivative and allow simultaneous analysis of multiple curves.


Lifetime extraction Exponential Multi-exponential Least squares Fitting Numerical differentiation Dynamic ON-resistance Semiconductor 



We thank Donghyun Jin and Jesus del Alamo for providing us the raw data for their [8, Fig. 2] that we use in Sect. 7, and the corresponding results of the fit by their method, displayed in Fig. 5.


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