BigraphER: Rewriting and Analysis Engine for Bigraphs

  • Michele SevegnaniEmail author
  • Muffy Calder
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9780)


BigraphER is a suite of open-source tools providing an efficient implementation of rewriting, simulation, and visualisation for bigraphs, a universal formalism for modelling interacting systems that evolve in time and space and first introduced by Milner. BigraphER consists of an OCaml library that provides programming interfaces for the manipulation of bigraphs, their constituents and reaction rules, and a command-line tool capable of simulating Bigraphical Reactive Systems (BRSs) and computing their transition systems. Other features are native support for both bigraphs and bigraphs with sharing, stochastic reaction rules, rule priorities, instantiation maps, parameterised controls, predicate checking, graphical output and integration with the probabilistic model checker PRISM.



This work was supported by EPSRC project Homework (EP/F064225/1) and an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Research Fellowship.


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