Waiting Time Screening in Diagnostic Medical Imaging – A Case-Based View

  • Marisa Esteves
  • Henrique Vicente
  • Sabino Gomes
  • António Abelha
  • M. Filipe Santos
  • José Machado
  • João Neves
  • José NevesEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9714)


Due to the high standards expected from diagnostic medical imaging, the analysis of information regarding waiting lists via different information systems is of utmost importance. Such analysis, on the one hand, may improve the diagnostic quality and, on the other hand, may lead to the reduction of waiting times, with the concomitant increase of the quality of services and the reduction of the inherent financial costs. Hence, the purpose of this study is to assess the waiting time in the delivery of diagnostic medical imaging services, like computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. Thereby, this work is focused on the development of a decision support system to assess waiting times in diagnostic medical imaging with recourse to operational data of selected attributes extracted from distinct information systems. The computational framework is built on top of a Logic Programming Case-base Reasoning approach to Knowledge Representation and Reasoning that caters for the handling of incomplete, unknown, or even self-contradictory information.


Waiting time Diagnostic medical imaging Knowledge representation and reasoning Logic programming Case-based reasoning Similarity analysis 



This work has been supported by COMPETE: POCI-01-0145-FEDER-007043 and FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia within the Project Scope: UID/CEC/00319/2013.


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  • Marisa Esteves
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  • Henrique Vicente
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  • Sabino Gomes
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  • António Abelha
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  • M. Filipe Santos
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  • José Machado
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  • João Neves
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  • José Neves
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  1. 1.Departamento de InformáticaUniversidade do MinhoBragaPortugal
  2. 2.Departamento de Química, Escola de Ciências e TecnologiaUniversidade de ÉvoraÉvoraPortugal
  3. 3.Centro AlgoritmiUniversidade do MinhoBragaPortugal
  4. 4.Centro AlgoritmiUniversidade do MinhoGuimarãesPortugal
  5. 5.Drs. Nicolas & AspDubaiUnited Arab Emirates

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