Interventional Ultrasound: Positioning Nephrostomy

  • Pasquale MartinoEmail author
  • Carlos Miacola
  • Michele Barbera
  • Silvano Palazzo


Percutaneous nephrostomy is a mini-invasive method that creates a communication between the renal excretory tract and the outside, through a catheter with its outlet in the flank. The first attempts were made by Goodwin in 1955, but of course they were blind attempts and burdened by a 30 % failure rate and 15 % of serious complications (Goodwin and Casey, AMA Arch Surg 72(2):357–365, 1956; Goodwin et al., J Am Med Assoc 157(11):891–894, 1955). Nowadays, thanks to the possibility of employing a technique combining fluoroscopy and ultrasound (US), the rate of success is more than 98 %.


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