Usability Heuristics for Web Banking

  • Natali Fierro
  • Claudia ZapataEmail author
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The rapid development of technology has changed the way in which humans and computers interact. This revolution is no stranger to the banking sector, there is a tendency to migrate the services offered by financial institutions face channels to remote channels. This research will focus on the study of the applications of web banking, and through the analysis of the problems it faces, it will seek to establish design guidelines in the form of evaluation methods that allow us to measure the degree of usability of a site, thus contributing to the increase in the degree of user satisfaction by improving the usability of these applications. To achieve this goal, a set of proposed usability heuristics; these also consider issues relating to safety. The proposed heuristic was evaluated in order to compare their effectiveness in contrast to existing heuristics.


Usability Heuristics Web banking 


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