Forward Thinking: An Integrated Framework for Formulating Vision, Strategy and Implementation

  • Narayanan SrinivasaraghavanEmail author
  • Kavitha Gurusamy
  • Heath Keighran
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Predicting and shaping future for better human experience, has been the core aim of design methodologies. Design Thinking aims to integrate human, technology and business factors together to solve problems. Design Thinking is largely focused on the ‘now’ (current state) and ‘short term’. This paper proposes a framework that integrates Design Thinking with a complementary thinking approach called the Futuristic Thinking and Scenario Modelling approach. The proposed framework, when applied covers the end-to-end temporal lifecycle of strategy formulation, current project delivery through to implementation. The approach is necessitated by the need for Design Thinking inputs to be based on a long term vision. The article explores a sample case study based on the proposed approach.


Design thinking Futuristic thinking Scenario modelling 


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