User Experience Design of User Generated Content Products

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Currently UGC model has been widely concerned in the Internet field. In China, Baidu is a technology-based Internet search engine company. However, in the process of development, Baidu hasn’t been only helping the Chinese users to search for the content that already exists, but also encourage them to create and post content to users who are using the search engine. Based on that principle, a few of excellent and widely known products have been created, such as Baidu Post Bar (Baidu Tieba), Baidu Pedia (Baidu Baike), Baidu Knows (Baidu Zhidao), Baidu Travel (Baidu Lvyou), etc. By analyzing these UGC mainstream products, we will summarize the key design points and experience design rules of UGC products.


User experience design User generated content User analysis Baidu China 


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