Teaching Industrial Control System Security Using Collaborative Projects

  • Thuy D. Nguyen
  • Mark A. Gondree
Conference paper
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In this work, we discuss lessons learned over the past three years while supporting a graduate capstone course centered on research projects in industrial control system (ICS) security. Our course considers real-world problems in shipboard ICS posed by external stakeholders: a system-owner and related subject matter experts. We describe the course objectives, format, expectations and outcomes. While our experiences are generally positive, we remark on opportunities for curricula improvement relevant to those considering incorporating realistic ICS topics into their classroom, or those working with an external SME.


ICS SCADA Ship-board ICS Education Capstone project 



The authors would like to thank David E. Reed (NSWCCD, Ship Systems Engineering Station), Mark Roman (NSWCCD) and John Mulder (Sandia) for collaboration during course projects, and Cynthia Irvine for guidance and course support under the Cyber Systems and Operations curriculum at the Naval Postgraduate School.


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