Chances for Urban Electromobility

Field Test of Intermodal Travel System and Effect on Usage Intention
  • Simon HimmelEmail author
  • Barbara S. Zaunbrecher
  • Martina Ziefle
  • Markus C. Beutel
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With growing cities, challenges of climate change, and ambitions for energy transition, innovations in urban mobility are inevitable. On the one hand, fossil-fueled vehicles are polluting the cities and could be substituted with electric cars. On the other hand, the sheer number of vehicles has to decrease and public transport needs to be enhanced. A possible solution addressing all challenges in one fully integrated concept is “Mobility Broker”, which combines electric car and bike sharing with public transport in one intermodal traveling system. However, adoption and changes in mobility behavior are crucial for implementing new concepts. In this research, a prototype evaluation by 10 participants using the system for 2 months is presented. The usability of the system as well as the change in attitudes and usage intention before and after the hands-on experience is analyzed. The overall evaluation for intermodal traveling was positive but usability and a reliable infrastructure are crucial factors for usage adoption.


Car-sharing Bike sharing Usability Field test Future mobility 



Thanks for research support and help with data collection to Anaïs Haberman and thanks to Sean Lidynia for valuable remarks and support. This work was partially funded by German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs Energy for the project Mobility Broker (01ME12136) as well as the Excellence Initiative of the German State and Federal Government (Project Urban Future Outline).


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  • Barbara S. Zaunbrecher
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  • Martina Ziefle
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  • Markus C. Beutel
    • 2
  1. 1.HCIC, Communication ScienceRWTH Aachen UniversityAachenGermany
  2. 2.Information SystemsRWTH Aachen UniversityAachenGermany

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