Effect of Physiological and Psychological Conditions by Aroma and Color on VDT Task

  • Takeo Ainoya
  • Keiko KasamatsuEmail author
Conference paper
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There is research that color and smell improve arousal during VDT task. As the psychological effect of the harmony of colors and aroma, there is research that is being considered from the side of the sympathetic-parasympathetic activity. In this research, we focused on the harmony relationship of aroma and color, these harmonious relationship was examined the physiological and psychological effects of VDT work. From the psychological aspect, aroma has given a good effect, there was a tendency to feel calm by the aroma and color of the investigation. From the physiological aspect, it tends to be stabilized when there is a aroma during task, the effect of the color has been suggested to be susceptible than aroma. If applied to the design to suit its influence on purpose, it is possible to some effective design for the purpose.


Aroma Color Physiological Psychological Design 


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  1. 1.Faculty of System DesignTokyo Metropolitan UniversityHachiojiJapan

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