A Graphical System for Interactive Creation and Exploration of Dynamic Information Visualization

  • Jaqueline Zaia
  • João Luiz BernardesJr.Email author
Conference paper
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Because of the growing amount of data available for analysis today, it is common to deal with large data sets, often too complex to be interpreted in their brute form. That is why Information Visualization techniques exist, to facilitate the analysis and interaction with data by humans through graphical abstractions. Motivated by the need to allow end users the autonomy to generate and edit visualizations according to their need, this work aims to underscore the importance of end user participation in the creation and support of these graphical abstractions of data. For this purpose, it is developed InterVis – a system for interactive creation of Information Visualizations based on dynamic data. The system is tested to verify whether this interactive creation of Information Visualizations, without programming, allied to the user knowledge of each application’s domain, will be more efficient from the perspective of usability without significant loss of flexibility, as expected.


Information visualization Graphical User Interface (GUI) Data abstraction 


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