The Research of Airport Operational Risk Alerting Model

  • Mei Rong
  • Min LuoEmail author
  • Yanqiu Chen
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This research determines ten key modules affecting the airport operational safety, including vehicles and aircraft scratching, runway incursion, the runway unseaworthiness and so on. Then, we design 165 airport operational risk monitoring indicators using the system and job analysis method, fault tree analysis method, expert brainstorming etc. These indicators can be divided into three levels including incidents level, the other occurrences level and process monitoring level.

Based on risk management theory, safety performance management theory, the Heinrich’s Law and the 2011-2014 years’ data of a certain airport group, we set the weight of each level indicator and the severity value of each indicator, and establish the operational risk warning model. This model is verified to be applicable through three months data collection, calculation and risk warning of two airports.


Operational risk alert model Risk monitoring indicator Safety performance management Heinrich’s law 


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