The Innovation Research of Takeaway O2O Based on the Concept of Service Design

  • Mei Yu Zhou
  • Pei XuEmail author
  • Pei Long Liang
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With the status of service industry in the social and economic increasing, service design is received widespread attention. Touch point is an important part of service design, that is the dynamic interaction between the user and the service system, which affects the user’s overall perception of the level of service. Takeaway Online to Offline as a vertical kind of special life service, the essence of which is to meet the needs of users, providing the most optimized dining solution. But there are many problems in the process of development of Takeaway Online to Offline, for instance, the food is not delivered on time, the food is not health, which seriously affect the quality of service. In order to explore the optimization direction of the Takeaway Online to Offline service, this paper, basing on the theory of touch point, fully analyses the touch point of the process of takeout online to offline service from the perspective of service design, and puts forward the methods and suggestions of optimization of service experience, which includes two aspects. On the one hand, from macro level, that is establishing reasonable division system, shaping brand image and perfecting the mechanism of evaluation. On the other hand, from micro level, that is establishing food community and reward system, indicating the operating state of peak period of business operators, and designing behavior of personnel distribution.


Takeaway from online to offline Service design Touch point 


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