Measuring Chinese Medical Beliefs of Chinese Adults

  • Runting Zhong
  • Pei-Luen Patrick RauEmail author
  • Shuyu Li
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The study aims at developing an instrument measuring Chinese medical beliefs held by Chinese adults. In an online survey, participants were asked to rate their agreement with 35 Chinese medical beliefs. 257 valid responses from Chinese adults were collected. Exploratory factor analysis indicates that Chinese medical beliefs of Chinese adults are loaded onto seven factors of preventive diet, traditional health practices, preferences of TCM and western medicine, energy concept in TCM, medicated diet, pathogenic factor, and TCM hesitation. The study points out some Chinese medical beliefs held by Chinese adults.


Chinese medical beliefs Culture TCM Instrument 



This study was funded by a Natural Science Foundation China grant 71188001.


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  • Pei-Luen Patrick Rau
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